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Here at GHC we provide a number of different community services to help our members. These community servicess help our members to overcome any issues they may be facing as well as giving them crucial advice to support them any way we can. Below is a list of the community services we are offering:



We help authorities and agencies convey their message to all levels of the community to increase the take up of services from all sections of the community. As a creative marketing consultancy we offer a service that is tailored to your project and objectives.

We offer personalized solutions to help your business grow:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Design and build
  • Data Management
  • Performance measurement
  • PR and communications

We will help to boost your community engagement programme up to a new level.

We have years of experience running community consultations, workshops, producing literature, managing community events, liaising with local and national media outlets, setting up public meetings, exhibitions and using online consultation techniques. We will advise you how to improve your current setup and help run it.

Our PR consultants have excellent contacts at local, national and regional levels and the strategic understanding to make those contacts count. We will examine your brand, messaging, training programme and strategy to increase the quantity and quality of your output on TV, radio, print and online. We can either run your whole press operation or work with you to train your team to deliver.

Community Groups

Great HealthCare Community Centre is very excited to provide computer classes for seniors. If you are looking for some friendly help to learn new or enhance existing computer skills, you have found the right place. Our senior classes aim to encourage the novice and challenge the adept through fun, hands-on activities in a comfortable learning environment.

Computers are a whole lot easier to use when you know how to type. It’s never too late to learn this valuable skill. All it takes is a little practice, some guidance and encouragement.

Seniors will be shown how to access website information on health and welfare also how to email, purchase items and pay bills online taking advantage of money savings that can be made.

Community contact Drop-in Free Tea & Coffee Club is a project that is weekly held in Witton community centre where volunteers spend time with local residents. This is a chance to socialise with other people in the community to share their thoughts and opinions. Parents dropping children to school can socialise and have access to all other information and services the centre provides for the community.


Counselling provides you with an opportunity to develop a unique relationship with a trained and experienced person who will listen without judging and who will aim to hear you as you are in your entirety. Together we will create an environment where you can explore your feelings, beliefs and the ways in which you interact with others and with yourself. Therapy isn’t a quick fix although sometimes only a few sessions may be very useful.

As well as long term and short term talking therapy I offer the chance to work with images, using pastels, pebbles and other materials. Sometimes it can be hard to translate feelings into words. Colours, shapes, gestures or textures may describe a feeling more accurately at first. We can then explore what those movements, gestures, colours or textures mean for you. This can be a surprisingly powerful way of working, sometimes allowing rapid access to emotions.

Welfare rights and Debt management

Our aim is to maximise a household’s income by providing advice and information on welfare rights and debt management. We will ensure that you receive all the support you require by referring cases to specialists.

These surgeries can help in the following ways:

  • Offer advice and information on a wide range of benefits
  • Carry out a benefit check to make sure you are claiming your full entitlement
  • Fill in forms
  • Guide you through the maze of complex rules and regulations associated with claiming benefit
  • Help you manage and budget your money more efficiently
  • Help you to prioritise your debts
  • Negotiate affordable repayment arrangements with your creditors

If you are elderly or disabled we can arrange for officers to visit you by appointment at your home.

Women’s Support Group

The Women’s Support Group is open to all women living in the local community. The Witton community Centre provides a space for women to meet and discuss issues concerning their particular needs in the community.

It is dedicated to empowerment of women to encourage them to take control of their lives by providing free services within a culturally sensitive, non-judgemental and confidential framework

More specifically our services include : Domestic Violence Outreach Support Service – * One to one confidential support aimed at victims of domestic violence * Providing options to women in order for them to lead lives free from domestic violence * Outreach surgeries provided in community settings * Providing advocacy and support accompanying women to solicitors, courts, case conferences etc Domestic Violence Support Group- * Provides ongoing advice and support in the form of Support Group Advice and information -One-to-one advice and Information sessions on welfare benefits, housing, immigration service’s Multi-lingual Advice Line

Henna Mehndi Classes

Whether it is a passion or a hobby there is never a better time to learn the art of Mendhi (Henna), a tradition arising from centuries of practice. Henna has always been one of the main priorities for ladies of all ages on wedding ceremonies and other celebrations. It’s an art, fun and beauty. Now the Henna Mendhi classes are available at Great Health Care Community Centre, a place near you.

Our Henna Mendhi beginners course is for people with no previous experience of Mendhi. You will learn how to do the basic preparation before putting Mehndi on the hands. You will learn the basic techniques and basic pattern or designs using natural Mendhi.


We have a strong commitment to work with local communities and partners to make our homes and areas of our city, places where people want to and choose to live and provide a range of properties and services for people who require support and care.

Housing associations were developed with the aim of making accommodation available and affordable for all. In the recent past they have been perceived as an option for those in the lower-income brackets or in particular need. However, as housing becomes more expensive, especially in larger cities, housing association rentals may increasingly provide the best opportunity for younger people to find a home in an area of choice.

Associations can also offer financial assistance for people buying their own property who, for a variety of reasons, would be unable to honour a commercial mortgage deal.

We are able to refer applicants to a housing provider for quality affordable housing solutions helping to achieve community well-being. Our services include:

  • Homes to rent that are affordable and offer excellent value for money
  • Homes to buy at low cost helping people climb onto the property ladder
  • Care and support for people with learning difficulties, autism, mental ill health, single homeless people and older people