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All charities and social enterprises sometimes require external support and expertise to support them develop new services or maintain the good work they carry out. GHC is able to do this via its consultancy services with access to expert consultants.
Currently we able to provide the following services.

  • Fundraising and bid writing for small grants through to large grants
  • Fundraising training
  • Funding bid reviews
  • Charity compliance.
  • Tender completion
  • Policy and procedure review
  • Charity start up and review.
  • Social Accounting
  • Business development
  • Independent project Evaluation
  • Community development


All of these services are provided in line with the client’s needs and requests. We work with the client to identify the key areas where they need help and support from
which an action plan is then developed to ensure that those needs are met.

At all times the client is keep informed of any progress and will have a clear understanding of the work that is being carried out. It is vital that the client feels confident that the consultant is working with their needs in mind.

Terry Yarnall has 30 years of experience of working in the voluntary sector including a period of time working within a government department. He has worked for small charities as well as large national organizations, which enables him to bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to each individual assignment. He also has extensive knowledge and experience of working within and delivering transnational projects involving a number of European partners.


Disability Awareness

Disabled people can be a valuable asset to the workplace if supported to integrate into the working environment.

Many disabled people though find it difficult to remain in employment not due to an unwilliness to work but due to the lack of support or empathy from the employer or their work colleagues.

The Equality Act 2010 quite clearly states that if a job applicant or employee is disabled then the employee must consider making reasonable adjustments to enable that person to stay within the workplace.

Very often employers discriminate as they either treat a disabled employee differently to a non-disabled employee or fail to consider making reasonable adjustments. This could ultimately mean the employer having to answer for this within an employment tribunal. This can be extremely costly and damaging to a company’s image. This can be avoided and in some cases the adjustments needed can be funded by government grants such as Access to Work.

GHC have years of experiencing of supporting disabled people, this has enabled us to build up extensive knowledge of how to support disabled people in the workplace as well as being able to identify the best way forward for disabled employees and the employer.


What can we offer?

  • Disability awareness training designed around the needs of the company. This includes an overview of the Equality Act
  • Audits of the workplace to identify the issues and strategies developed to enable disabled people to be integrated into the workplace
  • Support to access appropriate funds to support disabled employees
  • Support to disabled employees
  • Mediation between the employee and employer so that costly court action is potentially avoided

If you require any further information, then contact GHC for an initial conversation. The staff at GHC are experienced at supporting disabled people and have first-hand experience of finding practical solutions to issues that can at first seem difficult to deal with.